Take Control Of Your Psychic Abilities

Who is this course for?

This course is for anybody starting off on their spiritual adventure

Those that hit a wall in their development

Or are not progressing as quickly as they would like

Do you feel like your development has plateaued?

This would give you the kick-start you need to feel the energy of your development flowing again. Every week a different spiritual exercise will be given to you to be practiced all week, the Zoom call will be a group called where you do the exercise together and discuss any issues you might have or congratulate and support each other. 

"I have known Kate for a number of years. She taught me how to open my mind in mediumship and develop a new range of skills that I was unaware of. She is an exceptional teacher and gave me every encouragement to expand my knowledge.

As a psychic medium she is second to none. Her tarot card readings are very accurate and revealing.

If you get the opportunity to see her doing transfiguration you will not be disappointed.


I highly recommend Kate and her spirit team to point you in the right direction or,if you just need to feel the comfort of knowing a loved one is still close by."


"I recently joined the Kate Winters fan club as a result of recent a reading. My advice to her is to double her rates, as the value is more than worth it.

Kate is gifted, talented, and kind. Even a week later, I am basking in calm, quiet, well-being as a result of our session.

I recommend her without reservation."


Becoming Super Psychic

What makes this course so powerful is my unique 'solid psychic method'. Most traditional psychic development courses give only the spiritual tasks. This is not enough for someone to become the best medium that they can be. Human elements need to be not just understood but be integrated too.

This is MY training. This course fills in the gaps in the psychic development education that leaves students disappointed, despondent and not trusting their abilities while kick-starting the development process.

How it works

Course begins on the 9th of April and you can have access to me until the 21st of May.

Number one is the premium plan - the course is delivered to you with an extra hour of training with me each week. The extra hour of training is a weekly group call. The second type of plan is the standard plan. The course will be delivered to you for you to work through at your own leisure, you will have access to me until the 2nd of March for queries and I will answer them within 48 hours. Both plans have access to a pop-up Facebook group so that you have support from like minded people.

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Why this Course?

In this course you will learn to direct your energy, vastly improving your psychic ability and help to control emphatic tendencies so you feel more energized and less drained


You will receive an exercise for a different spiritual practice each week to be practiced throughout the week

Balancing techniques

You will get a powerful recording to help identify psychic blocks and some energy residue from older emotional patterns and some techniques to balance them


You'll be given some incredible subliminals to listen to that need to be listened daily for at least a period of 21 days