Becoming Super Psychic Part 2

This is the heavy practiced based part of the course. It puts into practice all of the skills and knowledge that you learned in super psychic part one in a learning intensive to practice skills to create rapid results. These skills will be put into practice each week with a different psychic exercise to do for homework. This will help you to create and direct energy flow. There will be two sessions of practical group work (Zoom) a week. You're encouraged to take part in both.

But just make one if you can. This intensive immersive course puts you firmly on a spiritual vibration. So that it is everything that you consider, you start to live and breathe without realizing that's what you're doing. It will also cement a routine as you perfect your skills. 

What does the course contain?

  1. There will be a deeper session on clearing energy blocks, identifying energy blocks and setting up your own system for clearing energy.
  2. Understanding yourself and how you work. What makes you completely unique. What is your super power? Which skills are you using the most effectively and how can you put this into a reading to get the best out of this for your sitter?
  3. The energy for yourself. Considering your own energy, conserving your own energy and accessing the quality of your energy. This in turn will determine the type and quality of clients that come to you
  4. Understanding which clients you wish to attract

Red Cloud and I are absolutely delighted that you have decided to continue with this spiritual journey with us. This immersive deep connected weekly training will give you better results than you will ever get on any other training course with the two developmental sessions per week. Good luck with your onward spiritual journey, your development and Red Cloud and I are very excited to be a part of it.


  • The Becoming Super Psychic part 2 is going to be £180 per person. As everybody is inquired about the manifesting course.
  • The manifesting course is going to be £125 per person
  • Which would be a total of £305 per person but if you want to do both courses
  • You have the bundle of £250 if you pay up front or 2 payments of £130. One now and one due on the 25th of March.