Take Charge of your Life

Ever wondered why you get so drained when you have certain clients you work with or spend time with certain friends? This course will help to get the most benefits from your abilities!

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is struggling with emphatic tendencies.

Do you struggle in crowds and feel like becoming an introvert?

Are you told that you're too sensitive?

Can you feel the emotions and pain of others?

Do you feel very tired after being with certain people?

Are you highly inturtive? Do you feel the need for time alone?

Do you find yourself understanding others points of view even though you don't agree with them?

Are you easily upset or tearful over watching some TV Programmes?

Are you a great listener?

These are all emphatic tendencies.

Consider this...

This course will explain about the emphatic personality. How it is possibly created and give a framework, tips and sturcture to help you move from empath 1 to the empath 2. Which is from a state of mind of the struggling empath to one that is a powerhouse to help others with no detriment to themselves

Why this Course?

In this course you will not just get the information that will start to bring about change but also recieve a recording that when listened to for 21 days will help you to clean, retain and conserve your own energy system helping you to fill a love of life again with true happiness and vitality.

Effective, generous,positive accurate friend and psychic medium practitioner.

- Jill

I had a reading with Kate then immediately scheduled a second one! She is amazing and picked up on things going on with me immediately. She somehow knew me very well and helped bring me clarity on so many things. Kate has amazing energy and makes the reading calming, fun and enlightening. I would highly recommend Kate!

- Pam

Payment is £24.99 in full

Red Cloud and I hope you enjoy this course and wish you all the love and luck you need for your onward spiritual adventure

Much love