Manifest With Me!!

Manifest money with me, side by side with me. Doing the manifesting systems that I'm using as I do this course with you shoulder to shoulder. Let's do it together.

Who is this for?

  • Do you have problems with your manifesting?
  • Is your manifesting a big hit and miss?
  • Are you confused with which strategies to follow?
  • Are you struggling to stay on track?

Let's do it together. That way, you'll have a strategy, you'll keep on track, you'll also become aware of why your manifesting may not be working in the way that you want it to and it's not to do with the feeling or the not feeling of what you're trying to manifest - it may surprise you.

What you get:

  1. strategies that work
  2. daily support from me with accountability
  3. subliminal tracks to change the energy your subconscious is giving to the universe
  4. Facebook group
  5. an understand of how the mind, the subconscious, the conscious and the energy system need to be flowing to the universe with no cross purposes or wrong decision making
  6. an understand of why your manifesting hasn't come into fruition
  7. 25% discount on my magical manifesting reading. This is a reading that will last for 40 minutes with myself, my guides, and your loved ones in spirit. This will give you the areas that you need to work on to get the absolute most out of your manifesting. It is tailored to you, it is your personal reading. The readings are not absolutely necessary, they are there as additional support should you require it.
  8. You get loads of love, support and increase in cash

This manifestation course is tailored to generate and create more cash, money and wealth. There will be another manifesting course running later in the year to generate clients.


Red cloud and I are really excited to be running this course. We can't wait to see your there!

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Start Date - 5th of April

The start date is Sunday 5th April - all payments must be received by 30th March 2020

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15 spots only

The course is only available to 15 people so grab your spot before it's taken!

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Flexible Payments

This course is £125 pay in full or two times payment of £70. One on booking and one on the 25th of March