The Kate Winters Manifesting Bonanza.

Firstly I'll like to congratulate you on this really exciting journey that you're taking with me as we not just create wealth but create the lives and feelings and relationships that we really want to have.

Manifesting sometimes can be a little bit daunting and a little bit hit and miss. This is due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of understanding of our own stories or about brain activity.


There are two ways to manifest

The first way is where you have a feeling. A really strong intense loving feeling to what you're trying to manifest. The other way is when you tell the universe what it is you want and then you completely forget about it. Now the first way gives you a feeling of having some control but you have to be aware of what is going on in your subconscious mind.

Because while you're generating a feeling of loving something and really wanting it in your life you may have some mind chatter that is below the surface that you are not aware of and it is this that would stop your manifesting from taking place. So you need to explore what topics have the most emotional impact for you and have a look at your past stories with money, relationships, love and career. And then you can decide which manifesting style will be better for you with each given subject. This is another mistake that people make. It's that they try to use the same manifesting technique with each different subjects and we have different emotional reactions because of past stories that are going on in the subconscious to each different topic. So you need to look at them individually and then make a decision as to which type of manifesting you're going to choose for that topic.

Critical Elements of Manifesting

  1. Know what you want and how you want it
  2. Understanding your mixed up messages and your chattering channel
  3. See past what it is you're manifesting now. See a greater vision
  4. Reprogramming the subconscious mind
  5. Self esteem reprogramming
  6. Understanding that thoughts are energy and we are either in expansion or contraption. We are either harming or helping our lives.

Ways to Manifest

There are two ways that we can manifest. The first way is to put a lot of positive energy next to what it is that you're trying to manifest. The second way is to ask the universe for it and then completely forget about it. The reason that people struggle with manifesting is that they are trying to manifest everything in the one way. You need to understand the ways of manifesting and then choose which ways you're going to use.

The Kate Winters Manifesting Method

Everyday at 10:30 there would be a live for affirmations and a short tasks for the day.

You will need a red pen for this. There will be a different affirmation that is given out each day that needs to be written down seven times and read throughout the day.

Alongside the vision of how you want your life to be that is to be read 3 to 4 times a day. And each time when you get to the money section, create the love generation feeling as we did in the group within your heart space. Hold that in a heart space with the vision of the money that you are manifesting or the money past the money  you are manifesting.

Later in the day, listen to the affirmations by Kate Winters and Red Cloud. And through the night, self esteem affirmations to be listened to. Bring yourself into the present moment every time you read your vision and ask yourself how you're feeling connecting with how you're feeling. If you're feeling tired or drained in anyway, you've been connecting in with your chattering charlie. It's time to be mindful and just be right in the present so that Charlie doesn't take any more of your energy. 

The exercises within the first sessions of the manifesting bonanza are:

  • The heart love generation meditation exercise.
  • The clarity on what you want so money x3, family life, health, body and career
  • You're going to write a statement of how you want your life to be including all of those elements

Why I have not used the word abundant

I do not use the word abundant because it is not the direct link of energy. When we talk about abundance, it loses potency, it looses power. Because it can be put off into three different areas. One persons abundance could mean something different. We are either talking about health, wealth, family, and career that's it.

And if you direct your energy in that way there would be no confusion. Finally remember that sometimes your morals can have an impact, a negative impact on your manifesting. Because you consider yourself to be a very fair person.

We were treated fairly with our siblings perhaps as we were growing up. Told that everything has to be fair between people.

While this is a lovely way to live your life, you need to be careful that it has not impacted on your subconscious mind.

Because if you have a deep rooted sense of fairness then you may have something going round your subconscious telling you that you cannot have something because somebody else doesn't have it. That is you being fair to them. That is something you need working on if you classify yourself as a very fair person. We are also told as children when our parents were trying to teach us the value of money. They'd say, you have to choose one, you can't have everything. You either choose the sweets or you choose the toy but you have to put one back. Which tells us as adults that we always have to compromise. We have now moved into a new financial wave where we are creating our own futures.

And now we need to bring our subconscious mind and beliefs up to that standard knowing that we can have it all.

We can have the sweets and we can have the toys. We don't need to choose and we need to stop thinking that we do need to choose. I'm so excited and grateful and thankful that you have allowed Red Cloud and myself to be on this journey with you. A final reminder, when you're reading your visions or the affirmations, don't think about it at all.

Don't create any energy towards it. Just read it as if you're brushing your teeth, read it and go. The only feeling to engage with is the one we deliberately create withing the heart space. Everything else is just read like it doesn't matter. Because the key to manifesting is to not care about the outcome because then the subconscious mind is not activated.

Final Word

I'm so happy to be doing this with you. Rather than being somebody who's saying that I have x amount of money. I know the system works because I've used this numerous times. I've tried and tested this. But I am actually using it with it. Together we are powerful. We wish you all the love and luck on your fabulous spiritual adventure. 

I'm still recovering from my session with Kate (in a good way). What she shared with me terrified me but also got me super excited and I can't wait to watch everything unfold. So much information, so much insight. Kate is fabulous... and fun too.