Meditate with me

Do you want to learn to meditate properly with all the benefits that this brings

  • Come meditate with me: a short four week course that will teach you the basics of meditation properly.
  • You will learn to switch patterns from a high stress state to a low stress state. From high beta to alpha what is the beginning of psychic development


I have known Kate for a number of years. She taught me how to open my mind in mediumship and develop a new range of skills that I was unaware of. She is an exceptional teacher and gave me every encouragement to expand my knowledge.

As a psychic medium she is second to none. Her tarot card readings are very accurate and revealing.

If you get the opportunity to see her doing transfiguration you will not be disappointed.


I highly recommend Kate and her spirit team to point you in the right direction or,if you just need to feel the comfort of knowing a loved one is still close by.


Simply awesome. If you've been thinking about a consultation just do it. You won't regret it. I'm still trying to process everything but loving every moment. Thank you Kate xxx


Just amazing human being and psychic x

You will learn to

  • How to hear the noice of the outside world but not interact with it and not reach to it
  • Be in a calmer state of being that enhances brain production and function

This four weekly short introduction course to meditation will have a weekly meditation headed up by Kate Winters every week with some theories so you'll understand what you're doing and exactly what you're trying to achieve. It will control the chattering in your mind and keep your mind as still as you could ever want it to be.

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Pay before the 24th of April and get it at £49 with a 10% discount!

You will be taught about:

  • transcendental meditation
  • visual medition
  • a meditation if you wish to meet your loved ones in spirit
  • a meditation to meet your spirit guides and
  • a wellbeing meditation for increased energy, psychical and mental wellbeing
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Limited Spaces

This groundbreaking uplifting course is only available to 10 people who are willing to tap into powerful meditation. This gives you the chance to not only get access to me but to also learn with others who are on the same journey as you are!

Starting Friday the 1st of May. First come first serve!