Mediumship & Tarot


Kate shares messages given to her by your loved ones in spirit. 

Kate works in Mental Mediumship and Physical Mediumship.

The main types of Mental Mediumship Kate uses are:

Clairaudient: Clear hearing. Kate hears the spirit communicating with her.

Clairsentience: Clear knowing. Kate experiences a feeling of just knowing the information that has been passed on to her.

Clairvoyance: Clear seeing. Kate sees your loved ones in spirit whilst communicating with them.  

Kate likes to ensure you truly know it is your loved one that is communicating with you and always asks for some form of proof that will confirm this for you.

Connecting with the people we love and miss can bring a feeling of completeness and peace. Knowing that they are still with us, albeit on the non-physical plane, can help us to move forward and ease the grieving process.



Kate has trained in the art of divination.

Kate provides traditional and intuitive Tarot Card Readings in the form of;

One card interpretation

3 Card spread

5 Card spread

Full spread