The Mind to Mind Communication Program

Do you want to feel spiritually connected, energised and empowered?

Then join Kate for the ultimate psychic development course to light up your life and emotional wellbeing. This course is unique as it includes the ultimate connection; Kate teaching you to connect to your superconscious & your loved ones in spirit.

Expect to feel deeply supported, you'll never feel alone and have crystal clear clarity to be able to see things as they are; your link to spirit will guide you on your life's path, whatever that may be and you'll feel comforted knowing that the guidance has come from loved ones. Bringing feelings of ultimate calmness, wellbeing and reducing stress and anxiety. So you can design & create the life you've always dreamed of.

The training is completed over a twelve-week period. Each week you will learn something new. You will learn all about: Meditation, Brain & Mind maintenance, The subconscious mind and energy blocks, The Clairs, Mind to Mind communication, Soul to Soul commication, Spiritual messages, Spiritual development, Manifesting with Creation, Tarot and Oracle Cards.