Week 5 is a recap of all the things we have discussed and learned from the previous weeks. Looking at the way the training is now developing and fitting in together. So looking at the sitting in the power, the transcendental meditation, linking in spirit, the ways that you link in spirit but also looking at the human parts. You should now be using the subliminal to reprogram the conscious mind. Week 5 is getting you to look at yourself from the human perspective too.
            We've noted the omega 3 and the vitamin supplements that will increase spiritual development by increasing psychical and mental well being. Next to look at in exercise and the kind of exercise you do.
As we've established in the previous weeks, the information that we're connecting to is in the air all around us.
         Now when we collect information psychically, we are gathering the information that is in the air all around us that is the vibration all around us contains frequency, frequency contains information. And as we blend this information with our energy system, we recognize that we are energy and that the information that we are collecting is within the energy around us too. So we need the energy in our bodies to be flowing freely and easily so that when we blend our energy with the energy that is around us that contains information, we need that energy to blend with our energy systems and flow around our bodies freely and easily so that that information can then be transmuted, decoded by the brain and it can then be delivered to the sitter.
            Exercise keeps the energy flowing around the body more freely and easily. If you make time to exercise and get the energy flow around your body, that is the crucial part of your psychic abilities being the greatest that it can be. And it's a combination of all of these different techniques or subjects that really give mediumship and psychic this gestalt feel where the sums are greater than the whole which means that all these different parts, if you put them together, creates something that is bigger and greater in power than just looking at these single topics in terms of mediumship and psychic ability.


Choose a member of the group and link with either mother, father, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins. Write up a little reading for them evidencing your spirit link with a short message connected to either work, family, money or love and tell them which category their message comes in with.

Also, keep going with the psychic exercises, it's really important that we do the psychic exercises alongside the mediumistic exercises because it's still working with energy flow, reading energy and controlling energy. This is really important for a really good rounded overall development.

Done with this week?