This week we're going to look at:

  • Energetic blocks
  • How connected you feel to spirit
  • Attracting clients

How Connected You Feel to Spirit

Firstly, I'd like you to ask yourself how connected to spirit you feel. Ask yourself this question and the first number that pops into your head is how connected you feel. The numbers are between 0 and 10. 0 being not connected and 10 being fully connected. Ask yourself how much connected you are to the spirit before you've done the meditation or opened up.

 "We need to attract clients and as a medium we need our energies to be warm, inviting and non judgmental especially to ourselves in order to draw people to ourselves" 

Kate Winters


  1. Take some deep breaths
  2. Connect to the breath completely
  3. Breathing in and breathing out 
  4. Feel your chest and your belly expand and breathe out
  5. As we breathe in that lovely cool air, we can feel the goodness, the cleanliness, the closeness to the spirit as we breathe that air in

 As we breathe in and fully expand the chest again, we're aware that all the information that has ever been and all the information that will ever be is in the air all around us. It is within the vibration which is within the frequency. And as we breathe in this lovely air, we feel the complete contentedness to all that is and we feel our body filling with the air that we are breathing in that is connected to all that is. It blends with our energy. It blends completely and beautifully with all of our energy. And as we see that connected light to all that is and connected in with us, we see it filling the whole body. And then on the breath out, we start to see the light that is combined with all that is and our energy, we see it radiate from through the heart space. And on the breath in, we fill our bodies again and as we breathe out, we see this beautiful energy fill the room we're in, breathe in, see that energy fill that house we're in, take another deep breath and feel the energy fill the town we're in, take a deep breath feel the energy fill the country we're in, take a deep breathe and fill all around the world all through the universe, connected to all there is, everything, all there is. When you feel ready, take your attention back to the room and ask yourself again, how connected do you feel? What's the number that pops in your head? 

You Need To Attract Clients

We need to attract clients and as a medium we need our energies to be warm, inviting and non judgmental especially to ourselves in order to draw people to ourselves. And we need a highest vibe to do this.

The first exercise for week one:

  • Go to the mirror every morning and look deep into your eyes, deep into your soul and as you keep looking and staring and losing yourself in there, ask yourself; what do I judge myself on? What do I feel? What do I wish was better? And with each answer you get ask yourself why.
  • And then once you've done that and located and identified the energetic resistance which will be linked in with self esteem and confidence. Look into your eyes, look deeply into your eyes and say, the energy blocks that have been identified, I delete and release them. Also say, I love you and I accept you for everything you are.

Now we move on to any energetic blocks in terms of medium and spirit. Sometimes as mediums, we worry that we are going to upset our sitter, hurt our setter, damage our sitter but once you're done enough understanding self esteem worth, confidence worth and you know that your spiritual skills are where they need to be, you know that you can deliver any kind of message to somebody and at the end you can package it up so that your sitter can see how this situation that isn't so positive, they are going to gain from it, what will they gain from this? And once you know that you can do that, that takes away the pressure. Sometimes we're worrying that we are not good enough and it stops up from delivering the information that we already have. But it's not because we don't feel good enough, it's fear of rejection, it's a fear that our sitters are going to sit in front of us and going to think that we're not very good at what we do or that they are going to reject us, reject the information, reject who we are, reject any faith in our abilities. That rejection is combat from childhood and there will be a time in your childhood between the ages of 7 and a half where that pattern has been started where there is a fear of rejection. That pattern that would have been built on, the conscious mind will then use to keep you safe in terms of your sitter. If you put that into a certain context, you'll understand that by us using a defense mechanism, we are allowing our 7 year old self to decide whether we are good enough as a medium, whether our sitters are going to believe that we are good enough or whether we should be delivering information that our 7 year old self would never even understand. So when you consider this, you realize that this is a pattern that has been built on and built on and has been created by a child. You wouldn't allow a child to make decisions about your competency. So allow that to filter through your subconscious because it will help to release that pattern in you.

Tasks For This Week

I want you to choose somebody in the group and I want you to bring forward their great grandmother. I want you to get details of which side of the family they are, their great grandmother and what they'd like to say. If you need help, please let me know. And if your sitter doesn't know about their great grandmother, ask if there's something that has happened to the sitter within the last few days so that you can establish the spirit link. The tasks for week 4 is the mirror task because once you've identified the blocks and let them go, that is going to increase your medium-ship 10 fold at least. And then we're going to start really honing down your skills on who it is you've contacted in the spirit world. And having the confidence to contact people that our sitters will understand and know. All of this work is all coming together and the blocks will help release you from the patterns of the past & the exercises that you are doing will progress you forward and it's very important that you use the subliminal that is in week 2 and 3. Use them for 21 days or a month or every day because these are great ways to become a better medium.

Done with this week?

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