So we're at the final week of becoming super psychic. We've looked at meditation techniques, mind maintenance and the importance of the mind. We've also looked at spiritual connection techniques and touched on blocks and the subconscious. We have played with energy in terms of the cards and feathers directing energy connecting to energy.

           Looking at the energy that you're giving to the world which will be the energy that attracts certain clients. This will be covered in more detail in becoming super psychic part 2 within the business building module. We have looked at the structure with the mediumship link connection and suitable questions for your evidencing your spirit link concisely. So to continue with the structure, we will now look at a reading structure.

Structure 1

             The actual structure of how you will deliver a reading and the first example is structure 1;

  • Stage 1: You would look at your sitter and ask yourself what can I feel? This is your working psychically. What do you feel when you direct your energy to your sitter and gather the information from their aura. What emotions do you feel? What psychical pain do you have? What worry do you have? What tension do you have? What family and money issues do you have?
  • Stage 2: You then bring in your spirit link. Who do you have in spirit? You evident your spirit link with the structure of questions given earlier in the course and deliver the message your spirit link wishes to deliver.
  • Stage 3, In this stage, is where we use either tarot or angel cards. You ask the cards, what does your sitter need to know? Or you can do a 3-4 month reading or ask a direct question. You link the cards to the message given by the spirit link evidencing the message from the spirit link. You connect all of the messages with the cards so that the cards back up what you have told the sitter from that spirit person.

Structure 2

                            And then we have structure 2. You can do the tarot first then the mediumship if you wish. But if you use structure 1, it is usually more impressive to the sitter and you will have confirmed with the tarot what you have felt and delivered from the loved ones in terms of guidance and knowledge. While we don't do this work to be impressive, the structure 1 is more impressive to the sitter because it will give them a greater and deeper rock solid belief and understanding and acceptance and feeling of supportive constructiveness to their loved ones.

This Weeks Task

               Do somebody in the group a mini reading using both structures. Keep using the Subliminals and working closely with the following psychic exercise. Draw a triangle, square, circle, diamond and a hexagon all onto different pieces of paper then fold them up and put them into a jar or a hat and pick them out and feel the shape that is in the paper. This will start getting you used to symbols. Your spirit team will start using symbols to give you very quick information.

               Finally, thank you for being a part of becoming a super psychic part 1. This has given you the basics that you need for exceptional mediumship and psychic skills. These mediumship exercises subliminal tasks, psychic energy tasks and information are designed to be used together in the first stages of mediumship. You have these to keep. They are for your ongoing improvement and perfection of your skills. I hope to see you in becoming super psychic part 2 where we will deepen these skills considerably. We will look at your particular style of psychic work and mediumship and how to maximize these. Also finding your unique selling point and looking at some business tips. How to manifest yourself as a medium, manifesting mediumship. Again, from Red Cloud and myself, thank you for being a part of becoming a super psychic.