As we move forward with development, we need to look at the human part of us. This is often overlooked in spiritual development because the link is rarely made with self-esteem, self-trust and information delivery. I see my students struggling with clarity of information - they believe it's their spirit link and their ability to process information- this is not the case, it is the lack of self-esteem and self-trust. When told to trust sprit, the student very often says, "I do trust spirit, it's myself I don't trust".
That sentence in itself demonstrates a lack of self-esteem that needs to be addressed before the development can move further.

By now you should be using the subliminal every day for the mediumship. Sitting in power as much as possible to sustain and improve concentration, as well as linking to spirits clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and hopefully taking daily supplements of multivitamins and Omega3.

We have been working with clairvoyance, clairaudience but now we will learn how to use the ability for Claircognitions. This is a clear knowing to say something but now knowing where the information is coming from. Very similar to the feeling of working psychically.

The Clairs are:

Clairvoyance - Is clear seeing either in the mind's eye, imagination or film reel between the eye.

Clair audience - Is hear in spirit either in the outer ear or, your own voice in your own eyes

Clairgustance - Is clear tasting. Some of you may get the taste of tobacco, salt, sugar, chocolate.

Clairalience-is clear smelling perfume or flowers

Clairsentience - is clear feeling, chest pain, neck pains, etc

Claircognizance - is clear knowing

Week 3 tasks

  • Start listening to your self-esteem subliminal if you're using them alongside the meditation Subliminals
  • Your psychic or energy tasks is to put a further in an airtight container. Connect to all there is and concentrate on moving the further or making it float upwards with concentrated focused energy shifting from yourself to the further
  • Choose one of the claims, bring in one of your spirit folks and ask them to give you the information in whichever Clair you've decided to use.
  • Mini reading to those in the group however you want to deliver them.