Last week, we learned the sitting power and clairvoyance faces and had Psychic exercises with card and sensing the colours. We were also able to understand the concentration focus. So this week, we will be looking at intent planning structure and some additional exercises.

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Understanding your why

Now grab a pen & paper and then write why you took this program and what level you want to get to and how you are going to use the knowledge and skills you will acquire on this course. You might be wondering why I am asking you to do this, it is because knowing your greatest why will give you a sense of direction and it will refuel you when the going gets tough. Also, Psychic & Mediumship requires a deeper purpose hence this is vital before we go deep in sharing my expertise with you.

I want to share my "why" to you so you'll have an idea. I want to be the best medium and psychic that I can be. I want TV exposure & I want to be on an international global stage. Why do I want that? Its because if I can be the best at what I do, people will trust me to train them. And my sole purpose is the train mediums in the new wave of medium-ship which assigns me spirituality. I want to help people to make great decisions in the highest vibration that they can be for their best life ever and experience the greatest gift and that's true freedom. That's my life purpose and those are my whys.

Course structure

The structure of this course will become more apparent from week two. We did a lot of groundwork in week one. The sitting in the power should be done for at least 5 minutes every day and you do this by:

  • going to the darkness
  • look into your eyelids
  • look at the darkness, your mind starts to wonder
  • take your attention to the word 1 which just gently floats down behind you

This is an exercise where you are not processing information. It is for concentration and focus. It is critical for psychic development. You will get to the point where you will complete at least 5 minutes without having to go to the word 1. This is when you know you've got the stability of the mind. 

The second exercise that we had last week was a separate exercise and this is a clairvoyant exercise to see faces in the darkness which is processing the information. Seeing the faces in the darkness will show you the art of clairvoyance as in seeing the films in your head. But if you struggle to see between the eyes in the third eye, just sense your spirit person.

These are mediumistic exercises that I've given you. But you also have the Psychic exercise of reading energy & the playing cards. When you combine all the exercises, you are working on receiving information, gathering information and then processing them. 

If you don't have a multivitamin and an Omega 3 Supplement, I strongly advise that you go and get some because that's going to help your development too as discussed last week. I also suggest that you set aside at least 30 minutes a day to do these exercises or more if you can.

Another important part of development is having your authentic rules which bring you into that higher spiritual vibe. Because if you have these rules that are authentically yours, you live your life by them. It will help you to live authentically as yourself and it will be easier for you to identify who live with the same rules & has the same energy sources likes yours very easily. 

You can make some rules for work, love, friends, etc. and those that matter most to you. One of the rules I decided on with teaching students, is that I will not be going to teach anybody that I felt coming from a place of ego. You see, some mediums are excellent and great at getting good information but sometimes they never feel that they can be wrong. Others also, though having the right information tend not to nurture the sitter emotionally which is very important to me so I made the decision not to teach people that are displaying that kind of personality trait at this time. 

Another rule you can have is 10 minutes of yoga a day. In a 6 week study, participants did yoga for 12 minutes a day shows a significant reduction in anxiety levels and increased relaxation. Because yoga not only helps you with your concentration, it also helps you focus on the mind which is linked in sitting power. It also takes you into that alpha state and that's the waking state we need to be into work properly and correctly. It also helps to move energy around the body through chakras and meridians. Energy carries information and we are using energy to take the information to the brain where the brain is now processing it. So if we can get the energy moving around the body more freely then that's going to help with the delivery of our information and the processing.

I am committing to doing this throughout the course. Week one was laying out the groundwork. We now have 5 weeks where you can connect with me daily in the group. You can either make the absolute best of this course and really go for it or you can just fit it in with your life. It's absolutely up to you, this is your development. There is no judgement as to how much or how little you decide to do. Should you decide to go for it, grab a notepad and record all of the experiences that you have. If you do this you'll see how much experience you get every day. This increases faith, focus and the understanding of how this works.

Energy blocks

We've touched on energy blocks in week one in a few forms. We have looked at a couple of it, but the main ones are the karmic past life blocks. But most of them are human blocks, limitations and beliefs from this lifetime. A block is an unidentified behavioural pattern or beliefs such as:

  1. Parental fear, disbelief, limiting beliefs all programming. Like parents who say I don't believe in this because I am either scared or I have a lack of knowledge which is causing fear.
  2. Self-esteem
  3. Self-love and self-trust
  4. Brain function
  5. Stagnation of energy flow

These are the main blocks. If you sort out these blocks and you identify these, your results from your spiritual exercises will go through the roof. These are the reasons people get stuck and then improving and bouncing back and forth.


I'll be putting up two subliminal tracks you can listen. I recommend listening to one in the evening or one at night but you can listen to them once a day too whichever works best for you. Self-esteem is one, a medium-ship connection is another. I will also be putting up sheets of decliners, and each week's exercises. If you want to be outstanding in this field, you need to make this a way of like and not a hobby. If you don't want to make that kind of commitment, that's okay. You just need to know how far you want to go with this and what you want to get from this.

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Pyschic excercises

Psychic exercises for this week:

  • Grab the playing cards, hold one in your hand, relax, go into the darkness, bring some light through the third eye, connect to your guides and tell them your intention of seeing not sensing the corner of the cards and the shape of the cards. That's your psychical exercise
  • You should also be still sitting in the power cause this is increasing your concentration
  • The third exercise is Clairaudience. Clairaudience doesn't necessarily mean you hear people in someone else's voice, this does happen. But the most common form of Clairaudience is your own voice in your own head. This is difficult to master but once you have, your energy system will understand when it's your thoughts or when it's someone else's

Sit quietly, open up and relax. Set your intention of connecting to beings from the light only and working Clairaudiently. Sense your spirit link with you, ask your guides to step in, and then ask them questions.

Tell them that you want to work Clairaudiently, ask the question in your head and wait. You can ask them things like;

  1. how tall are you
  2. what kind of hair do you have
  3. what profession were you in
  4. how did you pass, did you pass at home or in the hospital
  5. who do you wish to speak to? 

Write down the answers and do this every day. And you can mix your sensing and your clairvoyance with this if you wish to. It will be great to see that you have participated if you want to, you don't have to say who it's for if you don't want to.




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