Week One


Hello, everyone! 

In the next six week, we will be embarking on a journey together. You will develop & improve your psychic abilities as we go along with this course. We will start right at the very beginning of development to give you a real solid understanding and strong foundation to workout.

I am thrilled that you'll be joining us over the next six weeks to have some real rapid progression in psychic development.

On our first week we will be:

  • Working on Meditation and mediumship.
  • Looking at spirit and spiritual connection


WHY Do we need to meditate?

Why do we need to meditate and what are the results we can get from meditation in the realms of psychic development and mediumship?

There are two types of meditation that help in mediumship:

  1. The Visualization Meditation. It is what most people are familiar with, this encourages visualization and clairvoyance.

  2. The Transcendental Meditation. It is for those that struggle with visualization (or they think they do)

Myth burst: If I don't see a picture like a film in my head, I am not clairvoyant. This is categorically not true, If I say, picture an apple and you see it in your imagination that means that you're a visual and this is also the way that clairvoyance is used.  This will also enable you to look at your client, to have your eyes open when you're delivering a reading and this is very important so that they feel really connected to you and not that you're connecting to a world they can't see

The Transcendental Meditation is very much like sitting in power. A practice used by students worldwide but do not understand why.
They are told that it powers up the spiritual battery or setting the spirit but it was not explained well to them what exactly it does.

The Transcendental Meditation sharpens your concentration and your focus. It is being actively and deliberately connected to all that is; to all the information within all the frequencies that are all around us and controlling the mind's processes and more; and to the point controlling what the mind doesn't process shouldn't be processing. It is an important skill to have to be able to control the emotional flow that you are processing as it is easy to lead into two very different vibrations or two different spirit group hold so you'll have the information jumbled. When this happens, your client will not understand the information that you will give them because it comes from two different sources. Hence, your sitter must be empowered to be able to keep the focus because keeping the focus is keeping the mind still.

Mind maintenance

Looking after your brain

The concentration levels discussed in transcendental meditation is just one part of brain maintenance that we need to carry out to be the best psychics and mediums.

If your concentration levels are not in a good state, you're going to struggle to process and deliver the information. If your concentration levels are not in a good state, you're going to struggle to process and deliver the information. In psychic development, brain activity gets mostly ignored, people believe that they're blocked by past life events and past life energy, but once it's cleared, you'll find that it looks like these barriers are still there but they're not! It's because the organ we use to process information hasn't been cared for and worked on.

We may spend so much time in spiritual exercises but it is no good if the organ you're using hasn't been cared for & it's not in the condition to do what you want it to do.


Red Cloud - Meet your Spirit Guides Meditation

A blended sitting in the power and transcendental meditation exercise BSP part 1

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